MDMEDICINE magazine is an NON-PEER reviewed healthcare magazine, presenting different aspects of the healthcare industry. On the medical side, it focuses on the various specialties of medicine, offers review articles, summaries of latest developments and future trends in the field. In summary, it presents the past, the present, and the future of the specialty.

Healthcare industry has evolved to a technology oriented  industry. Technology is getting to be an integral element, of diagnosis and treatment of a disease. Medical equipment companies are coming up with innovations, to address disease management. MDMEDICINE magazine will  focus on the cost-effectiveness, of such equipment, and the comparison of the specifications of different brands, to alert the user of the effectiveness of such equipment.

The world of the healthcare industry is getting interconnected, digitally, through advanced IT systems, at the level of software applications, hardware equipment, and hosting facilities. MDMEDICINE magazine will focus and provide evidence-based information on different applications and solutions.

With such a sophisticated infrastructure in the existing and expanding healthcare industry, the need for specialized healthcare companies started. Such groups have been present for ages, but recently, mega players are in the field. Mergers and acquisitions among different firms and different hospitals are taking place regularly. MDMEDICINE magazine will focus on the development of this area.

With such changes taking place in the healthcare field, the medical and related healthcare professions workforce education is to evolve. MDMEDICINE magazine will focus on such development of human healthcare resource.

In summary, MDMEDICINE is a macro vision of the healthcare industry.

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